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camara gallery nafplio vasileos konstantinou 10 greece

camara jewellery workshop


camaraGALLERY exists as a physical

work-shop in beautiful Nafplio / Greece. 

Here we are designing and making all

our jewelry.

Manufacture and retail at the same location

has been one of our distinguishing marks

over decades. 

Our expertise in producing unique jewelry

goes along with a great experience in working

with customers and the individual approach

to them.

As Nafplio is attracting visitors from all over

the world, our clientele has always been international. 

Now we are going one step further, opening

the doors of camaraGALLERY to the


For us this is just another way of welcoming you personally at our workshop and store here in Nafplio!

Sigrid and George Agathos

camara gallery nafplio greece
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